LynnMarie Schwann (Chigoddess)

Welcome! Thank you for stopping in to look around ! Enjoy the variety of photographs I have here for you. I have been photographing for as far back as I can remember. I received my degree in Commercial Photography. After several years I decided I enjoyed engaging with my subjects and pursued weddings as well as portrait photography. As time has gone on I found myself out in nature and taking advantage of our wonderful natural light. I have always been interested in capturing the essence of my subject - and time stamping the moment of natural beauty outdoors! I have been blessed with delightful beauty right here at my home - with so many places to run and play - all the while being able to capture in a long lasting photograph - be it a child, adult, furry friends, the whole family, flowers or even a sunset! I have it all here for your viewing! Please contact me anytime for I welcome your comments, interests or should you decided to engage my services. I am here waiting with my camera in hand! Enjoy the beauty you see every day! Thank you for visiting Have a beautiful day!


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